Northwest Landing (DuPont)



Historic Dupont and the Planned Communities of Northwest Landing & Bell Hill

Located between Tacoma and Olympia, DuPont is made up of two communities: Historic DuPont (which is included on the National Register of Historic Places) and the newer planned communities of Northwest Landing and Bell Hill. With a small-town atmosphere, the city of DuPont is a great place for families and those looking for a place that has plenty of excellent housing options and easy access to Joint Base Lewis-McChord. There are two DuPonts—one founded back in 1906, and the new one, commonly known as Northwest Landing at Dupont. Started up around 15 years ago, the land was purchased by the Weyerhauser Company and began as a carefully planned community. Beginning in 1998, the first stage of development began with five different builders to develop the new homes, condos, and apartments. In 2001, the second phase began with the builder Quadrant, a division of Weyerhauser. All residential building was completed in 2012, and currently there is no new construction.

Living in DuPont

Residents and visitors love the the brand new, small-town feeling that DuPont offers. Surrounded by open areas of peaceful green scenery, lots of parks and picnic areas, DuPont is the ideal place to take a walk, jog, enjoy a bike ride, or just take some time to relax. DuPont is the home of choice for many families, including many military families—the short 10-minute drive to Joint Base Lewis-McChord without even getting on I-5 makes for an extremely convenient commute. DuPont is also a favorite place to live for military doctors working on their residencies.

A favorite place to grab a bite to eat in DuPont is at Farrelli’s Firewood Pizza Parlor, which serves a wide variety of pizzas and delicious salads. There are also two Starbucks in the city, a Northwest favorite and convenient coffee choice. Many of the businesses in DuPont are smaller businesses and recent start-ups; Dupont is a great place to start a new business and grow with the city.

DuPont Real Estate

DuPont boasts a robust housing market, mainly due to it’s close proximity to Joint Base Lewis-McChord. In the early 2000s, DuPont was the fastest home equity growing city in the Puget Sound area, appreciating at 1.5% each month. The economic recession took its toll, and prices dropped along with demand—availability of rentals became abundant, as did foreclosures and short sales. Recently, much of that has changed and prices are back up. Now in DuPont, homes are currently available for $275,000-$300,000 and upwards, and there are condos and very nice newer rental apartments available for lower rates.

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